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Made in Belgium, Powertex is the hottest new art product in North America.

By using an old T-shirt, some armature wire, aluminium foil, masking tape and a dab of creativity, you can create a beautiful sculpture in one day, for your home or garden.

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Powertex is a new environmentally friendly water based, acid free, liquid textile hardener - perfect for the avid recyclist.
This new exciting art medium is being used by artists, sculptors, doll makers and craft artisans.

Add Powertex to paper, fabric, leaves, sand, threads, fibers, ceramics, rocks, dried flowers, wood, air- dry clays, etc. The only thing that Powertex will not stick to is plastic. It will cure "rock-hard" and the sculptures are weather resistant, so you can display them indoors or outdoors...all year round. Sculptures can withstand snow, frost, wind, rain and sun.

Powertex allows anyone to create an original work of art, a sculpture or a wall decoration. Let your imagination run wild with all the wonderful possibilities!

Keep them, gift them or sell them.

Once you've made one you'll be hooked!

If you like to recycle then you will love Powertex. All those odds and ends that you have been storing up. Old clothes, scraps of wool, fabric, timber, paper, beads, mosaics. You name it and you can probably use it all. Combine your bits with a dab of creativity and mix well to create a beautiful sculpture or ornament that will bring life and sparkle to your home or garden.

Powetex is not limited to making sculptures or statues. It is a very versatile product that even allows the preservation of memorable treasures such as your baby's first shoes / feet, or hand impression, and what about their first clothes.

Make your own jewellery: create your own 3-D structures on canvas for impressionable wall art, for unique home decor inside or outside, or may be even poolside.

Powertex is available from Joyce Betts in 4 colours... Transparent / Clear / Bronze / Terracotta and grey.

Powertex is used by artists, sculptures, crafters, architects, florists, interior designers, sign makers, shipping departments, Hollywood theatrical sets builders, animation studios, trade show booth designers, retailers with window, wall and floor displays and so much more ! So come on... join the fun!

Classes will be held in the Barrie area and within an hours drive of Barrie.

If you'd like to hold a class in your home with friends and family, to make arrangements.

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